Table of Contents:

2.The Diamond Bank

1. Factions

        /f ?,h,help [page=1] get help
/f list [page=1] list all factions

/f f,faction [faction=you] show faction information

/f player [player=you] show player information

/f status [page=1] [faction=you] [sort=time] show status

/f join <faction> join faction

/f leave leave your faction

/f warp use warps

/f warp go <warp> [faction=you] go to a warp

/f warp list [faction=you] [page=1] list warps

/f warp add,create <name> [faction=you] add new warp

/f warp remove <warp> [faction=you] remove warp

/f map [on/off=once] show territory map

/f create,new <name> create new faction

/f name <new name> [faction=you] set faction name

/f description <desc> change faction description

/f motd [new=read] faction motd

/f sethome [faction=you] set the faction home

/f unsethome [faction=you] unset faction home

/f invite manage invites

/f kick kick player from faction

/f title [title=none] set player title

/f rank set <player><rank> set rank

/f rank show <player> show rank

/f rank list [page=1][faction=you] list ranks

/f rank edit edit ranks

/f rank edit create <name> <priority> [prefix=none] 
[faction=you] create rank

/f rank edit delete <rank> [faction=you] delete rank

/f rank edit name <rank> <new name> [faction=you] set rank 

/f rank edit prefix <rank> <new prefix> [faction=you] 
set rank prefix

/f rank edit priority <rank> <new priority> [faction=you] 
set rank priority

/f money manage faction money

/f money balance [faction=you] show faction money

/f money deposit <amount> [faction=you] deposit to faction

/f money withdraw <amount> [faction=you] withdraw from 

/f money ff <amount> <faction> <faction> transfer f –> f

/f money fp <amount> <faction> <player> transfer f –> p

/f money pf <amount> <player> <faction> transfer p –> f

/f top <Topcategory> [page=1] show faction top

/f seeChunk,sc [active=toggle] see the chunk you stand in

/f seeChunkOld,sco see the chunk you stand in

/f territorytitles,tt [on|off=toggle] toggle territory 

/f claim claim faction territory

/f unclaim unclaim faction territory

/f access manage access

/f relation manage faction relations

/f perm change faction permissions

/f flag manage faction flags

/f unstuck teleport to nearest wilderness

/f override,admin [on/off=flip] enable override mode

/f disband [faction=you] disband faction

/f powerBoost manage powerboost

/f setpower,sp set power

/f config edit config

/f clean clean the factions database

/f v,version display plugin version

2. The Diamond Bank

Currently Unavailable

        /bank - check your balance
/bank balance - check your balance

/bank deposit - deposit diamond in hand

/bank deposit all - deposit all diamond in inventory

/bank pay <player> <amount> - pay an amount of diamond to a 

/bank withdraw <amount> - withdraw amount of diamond

/bank withdraw all - withdraw all your diamond

/bank transfer <player> <amount> - transfer to player amount 
of diamond

/bank add <player> <amount> - add amount of diamond to 
player balance

/bank remove <player> <amount> - remove amount of diamond 
from player balance

/bank set <player> <amount> - set player's balance

/bank baltop - list the top bank balances

/bank balance <player> - get a player's balance

/bank reload - reloads the configuration

/balance <player> - get a player's balance

/baltop - list the top bank balances

/deposit - deposit diamond in hand

/deposit all - deposit all diamond in inventory

/pay <player> <amount> - pay an amount of diamond to a 

/withdraw <amount> - withdraw amount of diamond

/withdraw all - withdraw all your diamond